How did we start making gorgeous outfits

One Summer we challenged ourselves to wear only Sarongs for 60 days.  As you can imagine after the first week we were thinking what a crappy idea this was!

It was a Saturday night and we were off to dinner with friends.

How could we go out wearing a sarong!?

We weren’t on a seniors cruise ship. We were young & single!

But we are both too stubborn. So we played and played and played all afternoon until we both had styled an outfit with our sarongs. The rule was that if anyone noticed we were wearing a sarong then we will admit defeat and go back to wearing 'normal' clothes. 

We won!

Everyone was shocked that our outfits were actually Sarongs! 

Our friends were asking “where did you buy that dress?” 

Our answer "I actually made it myself just this afternoon" This was really empowering. 

Our Simple Guide to Styling a Sarong will teach you all of our basics to get you started with creating your own outfits to suit your own shape and style. 

We hope you enjoy our creations & we welcome you to let us know any new styles you have created.