Our search for the Lyloh model who is beautiful inside & out

A model is like a store person. If I walk into a shop and the sales staff are rude, radiating negative vibes or make me feel inferior. I feel uncomfortable and walk straight out.

When we were ready to shoot product photos for our collection the model criteria was :
-       Beautiful inside & out
-       Enjoys the moment, laughs & smiles
-       inspiring role model
-       feels a sarong is a summer essential
-       loves the beach
-       makes other women feel comfortable

We searched through modeling agencies & stalked friends of friends on facebook. It took a while for me to realize that the person I was looking for was sitting in the next seat, trying to steal my last bite of choc brownie.

My sister Tan fit the criteria perfectly. I knew it. But she needed some convincing.

 Im so grateful that Tan eventually over came her fear of being judged and putting tickets on herself. It took about half an hour for her to let go of trying to model & pose.  Once she relaxed and laughed at a few of my jokes we captured her inner beauty.
We hope you feel welcome with us and interested in getting to know us a little more x